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Nebraska Home Watch

Home Watch…

Not a very common term in Nebraska, but certainly a much needed service. If you have considered the need of a house sitter or a property manager or even family and friends who accept as a favor to look after your home when you are away then the right answer may be a Home Watch service like Nebraska Home Watch.

So what is the downside of using a house sitter, property manager or family member/neighbor?

  • A house sitter is not looking to be a caretaker but a tenant.
  • A property manager is more concerned with the monthly fee and getting your home rented to short term occupants.
  • And if something goes wrong, how can you hold a family member or neighbor accountable for doing you a favor?

Your home is not their focus in any case. Our Home Watch services are focused on your home and the things that can go wrong when it is unoccupied. We know the little things to look for now to avoid big problems in the future. Using our electronic home watch checklist, customized to your home and your expectations, we provide rapid reporting of what we find with an email report including pictures. These reports are timestamped with GPS location documenting when we were there at your home or property.

If you head to warmer climates during our winters, take an extended vacation, or are taken away for a temporary business assignment, you need the services of Nebraska Home Watch. Our weekly or bi-weekly checks, key holder and concierge services can provide worry free assurance that your home is well cared for in your absence. We have lifetime experience in Nebraska and understand the seasonal problems that can occur in your home and can mitigate, at your direction, problems that are identified to minimize loss.

Nebraska Home Watch is fully bonded and insured for YOUR protection.  Additionally, we are members of the National Home Watch Association which provides us access to Home Watch business best practices, a network of other Home Watch Business owners, training and over-all responsibility for the improvement of the Home Watch Industry.

The National Home Watch Association defines Home Watch as the “visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.”

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