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Nebraska Home Watch Services

We provide a thorough, time-tested checklist based on industry best practices.  However we realize there aspects of your home which are special to you and may need specific attention.  As part of our Client On-Boarding process, we will cover the items we will check at each of our visits and, with your input, we will develop a comprehensive checklist resulting in THE best solution for your “Peace of mind while you’re away”.

Home Watch Check Points

Property Check List:

  • Storm Damage
  • Forced Entry
  • Vandalism
  • Flooding
  • Moisture Problems
  • Plumbing Failures
  • Pest Invasion
  • Frozen / Broken Pipes
  • Tripped Breakers
  • Function of the furnace/heater or air conditioner
  • Doors/windows locked
  • Function of the refrigerator
  • Removal of newspapers
  • We can start your cars if you wish
  • We can act as your emergency contact in your absence

Exterior of home:

  • Remove junk mail/flyers from mailbox and front door
  • Inspect yard and planting beds for trash and weeds
  • Monitor landscaping and/or snow removal
  • Perform visual inspection of siding, roof, and gutters for obvious issues
  • Check for drainage issues
  • Check doors and windows for signs of break-in
  • Inspect for vandalism
  • Inspect for obvious insect infestation or pest presence
  • Check exterior lighting
  • Check pool/spa for obvious issues

Interior of home:

  • Ensure security system is functioning
  • Check fire/smoke/CO alarms/replace batteries
  • Check temperature/humidity settings on thermostats
  • Check for vandalism
  • Inspect for obvious pest presence or insect infestation
  • Check for water leaks
  • Run water in sinks and baths – check under sinks
  • Flush stagnant water in toilets
  • Run garbage disposal
  • Check function of refrigerator/freezer
  • Check appliances (cycle dishwasher & washing machine monthly)
  • Check windows and doors
  • Check lights and fans
  • Check breaker box
  • Check water heater/water system
  • Inspect air filter(s)
  • Change timers on lights
  • Adjust blinds
  • Watering of indoor plants (if requested)

If a problem is detected and requires immediate attention, we’ll contact you and handle it for you.

Keep an eye on your home when you are away.

Home monitoring system perfect for vacation homes, seasonal homes, primary homes during extended travel, any remote location where continuous monitoring would be helpful.

Want more information about 24/7 monitoring?

Other Services We Offer – Handyman

On-Call Services

  • Nebraska Home Watch will act as your local contact for such immediate concerns as alarm, fire/police, neighborhood associations, deliveries etc. – a liaison to you.
  • Someone to make local decisions for you in your absence.

Winterizing Services – They can Include:

  • Home
  • Car
  • Pool/Spa
  • Yard.

Annual Home Check Service – This can include inspections of:

  • Roof
  • Chimney
  • Basement
  • Replace smoke alarm batteries
  • Washing machine hoses
  • Hot water heaters
  • Mildew removal (stairs, driveway, decks, etc.)
  • Check window & door seals
  • Inspect caulking & paint
  • Water systems
  • Clean gutters & downspouts